Müller Launches Sustainable Dairy Farming Program in the UK

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Publication date 15 December 2020

Müller’s initiative

Last week Müller announced the introduction of a new program aimed at supporting sustainable dairy farming in the UK. Dubbed Müller Advantage, the program is expected to support around 600 dairy farmers in the successful management and operations of their businesses. To reach that goal, Müller will deliver tools and support enhancing the development of key areas such as supply network collaboration and good conditions of the herd. Müller’s direct actions include lowering the use of antibiotics by around 30%, scaling down on energy and water utilization, recycling, and seeking out ecological sources of animal feed. The program invites the farmers’ participation by offering to gain an extra 1 pence per litre in 2021.

Enhancing sustainability may pose a challenge, especially with the dairy sector being the most emitting farming segment of CO2. Nevertheless, producers are coming up with solutions to reduce those emissions, keeping in mind the European Union’s target of net zero emissions by 2050. One intriguing solution is through variations in animal feed. Researchers are examining the possible advantages of blending seaweed into feed hoping to cut down the CO2 emissions.

New solutions

An Australian project from 2016 established that emissions could be cut by over 90% when seaweed is incorporated into the cows’ feed. Taking into consideration the unique specifications among cow breeds and relating those with a suitable strategy, the expected emission of methane can be diminished by around 30%. With certain supplements to the feed, the reduction can reach around 50%. An additional solution relies on water economy and the usage of membranes to filter water from milk. Pre-process water removal can save up an average of 400,000 litres of water annually.

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