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Publication date 15 March 2023

Many associate the arrival of spring with the awakening from hibernation and inactivity, accompanied by intense growth and many changes (kind of another edition of “new year, new me,” only it’s later and at a different time of year). As for the dairy market, we will certainly have to wait a little longer for it. For sure, the large volumes of milk expected on the market in April and May will change both prices and the overall situation.

The past week has brought stabilization to the market for many products. However, one cannot say that nothing happened – definitely not. Although some market participants are holding back for the moment, many contracts have been concluded. As always, we will report on the details of the situation for individual commodities in the rest of the newsletter. Everything you need to know is in your favorite legenDAIRY newsletter, so read without further delay!

Skimmed Milk Powder

After a streak of a relatively open market, the last week followed a stabilizing effect. However, this is not a worrying trend, as many countries continue to hold fixed prices for the product offered. We see that future quotations are still quite high and do not yet match the current buyers. It is reasonable to expect a slight weakening of prices for this commodity in the near future.


On the procurement side, there was some movement when several trading platforms showed that Dutch Butter had been traded at €5. Buyers started to be open to purchasing the minimum amount of the material they needed for the coming month’s production. As for the sale, the volume was satisfactory, considering that the market is not very ambitious at the moment. Polish Butter appears from time to time with a price near 4500 EUR/MT. So far, there are not many buyers for this commodity.

WPC 80 Instant

With the higher possibility of sourcing the product at a lower price, buyers entered the market and actively purchased. However, not in the quantities we expected. People are currently fulfilling production for what to buy is a necessity. The contracts are concluded on a spot basis.


If you read last week’s newsletter, you learned about everything that happened in the cheese market this week. In summary, buyers who needed to fulfill their purchases already have a relatively good amount of stocks and therefore both interest and prices are down on a spot basis.


The last week can be described as rather quiet as far as Cream is concerned. More dairy liquids on the market have led to a slight correction in the price. At this stage, it is difficult to predict whether this trend will continue for a longer period.

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