Summary of the week 37 (dairy)

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This is our summary of the week 37 on the European dairy market divided into 4 main categories.



SMP still stable and high. Some producers do not want to offer the product below 2.70 EUR/kg EXW PL. FCMP is offered above 3.25 – 3.30 EUR/kg EXW IE/DE/FR. It’s hard to find lactose below 0.98 EUR/kg EXW, whey permeate is offered in the area of ​​0.72-0.74 EUR/kg EXW. The demand is significant, as many buyers hold their horses hoping for the price to drop.


Gouda and Edam are being offered even above 3.45 EUR/kg EXW DE/NL. Mozzarella around 3.08-3.12 EUR/kg EXW NL/DE. Cheese off-cuts for melting are being traded above 3 EUR/kg. Cheddar prices above 3.55 EUR/kg EXW UK/IE.


In Poland, fresh butter is offered in the range of 4.46 – 4.50 EUR/kg EXW PL. At the same time, frozen butter can still be obtained in the area of ​​4.20 – 4.22 EUR/kg EXW PL with prompt collection. However, many end customers do not have secured deliveries for Q4-2021 yet, in which case the trend will rather continue.


The prices of liquids (whole milk, skim milk, cream) on Thursday underwent a slight price correction in Poland. The cream was available below 5.50 EUR/kg EXW PL.

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