African Swine Fever Outbreaks

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Situation in Poland

New African swine fever outbreaks confirmed in Poland. Polish chief veterinary office announces new cases mostly among small herds (up to 35 animals). Yet the largest herd affected so far is the one found back at the beginning of March. Herd counted more than 23,700 pigs. From March, when ASF first affected Poland, the country’s total outbreaks for this year was 71. It sums up to 45,854 pigs affected by the disease. The worst affected voivodships so far are Lubelskie, Warmińsko-Mazurskie, and Dolnośląskie.

Situation in Europe

Many more European countries are struggling with returned outbreaks of ASF. According to the Animal Disease Notification System of the European Commission (EC), up to the middle of August, in total there have been 636 outbreaks of ASF among domestic pigs in Europe since the start of 2020. Poland finds itself as the second most infected country in the EU, just after Romania (516 outbreaks). When it comes to the wild boar population, some countries reported newly detected cases. In the first week of August, Hungary reported 46 new contaminations, while Latvia claimed to find seven new ones. In Belgium, Italy, Moldova, Serbia, and Ukraine ASF seems to be under control, as there are no new cases reported within the wild boar population.

Situation in Africa

According to an official report held by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), ASF seems to be striking Nigeria again, as new outbreaks to be found in 12 states. Local authorities in Lagos and Abia, where the disease is spreading, acknowledge on a scale of zero to 5, a score of 5 to the levels of morbidity and mortality among animals in those two southern states.

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