4200.00 Eur / 1 MT
200,00 EUR (5,00%) in 7 days
1 200,00 EUR (40,00%) in 28 days

Cream 40% is produced by separating fat from milk which is done through centrifugation. Fat content in pasteurized cream is about 38 to 43%. Cream is mainly used in the dairy industry, in the production of butter and cheeses and many other dairy products. In domestic trading it is common to calculate the cream prices on the basis of the fat calculation unit price because its content in cream can fluctuate each time. In international trade cream is based on tons of fat matter.


Foodcom offers Cream 40% in Truck-loads. The minimum order for this product should be no less than 25 000 l.

Fat content: 38-43%

PH: 6,6- 6,8

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