Reliable partner in business. Learn how we operate, to be sure that your transaction will be successful and safe. Innovative approach to dairy trade and traders who know the specifics of a particular market are the guarantee for favorable price and tested products.




One of our primary goals in business is to guarantee our business partners a transparent and honest business experience, whether buying or selling. Foodcom is the first trading company in the world which decided to publish the prices, of the dairy products, at which it trades and brokers. In this business the most valuable thing is knowledge:


  • knowledge of the market, knowledge of the products, knowledge of new
  • regulations, and we share our knowledge of the food industry with all our
  • partners, in order to help them grow on the International scene.


Profitable Relations

Foodcom is always establishing new relations as well as maintaining existing ones. This is why our partners are able to gain more profitable terms, than offered by our competitors.


Time for a Change

We don’t want to be a step ahead, we want to be ten steps ahead in revolutionizing the trade in the food industry. By observing world trends, we are adamant in the conviction that the Internet offers numerous new opportunities for contact and exchange of information in the field of dairy products. This will in turn help the trade grow and allow for better opportunities.